Our Story

Growing up as a little girl in Port Harcourt, best believe that my memories are as fond as they come.

I remember the matching dresses and bags, the shoulder pads, the jelly sandals and platform slippers, the oversized dresses that Momma said we would grow into, the parties we would go to at our cousins’ in D-Line, the longing on my face whenever I saw that fashionable “auntie” that seemed to have it all together.

Oh! How I wished I could wear those pretty dresses – the colours, the prints, her makeup, in fact, everything that made her the stunner that she was. Confident, fun, amazing, and though she did not know, she inspired a little girl in more ways than one. I wanted it all. I wanted to strut in my own  pretty dresses, just like a princess (after all Pops said my “Daddy” is the King). And so the journey began…

Amid strips of fabric in African prints, striking colours, sewing notions and a butterfly machine gifted to me in my teens by Momma, my dream was born. The machine was my escape, the Danish butter cookie container my best friend, the colours my happiness.

Still very much the budding fashionista, I barely kept those dreams alive, albeit quietly. After my first degree, Pops encouraged me to apply for jobs as in his words “It’s best to have corporate experience if you are going to run a business”. Best advice ever!!!

I remember working assiduously most times and, on a few occasions, barely going through the motions during my time as a Customer Service Officer in my NYSC days to my time as a Tax Consultant later, amid strict dress codes and crazy work hours. Despite the goings on, I knew something was missing. I just knew it – I missed my butterfly machine, I missed my colours, I missed my prints.

So I took a bold step…

I decided to share the joy these pieces give me with the world while having fun and showcasing my African heritage. I know how amazing I feel when I don a yellow dress, how well the colour red compliments my skin, how a halter-neck dress in a stunning Chiganvy print accentuates my neckline  and earrings, flattering my up-do in the process, or better still when someone says “Oh, I can think of a number of places I can wear this FA dress to”.

Whether you are a 9-to-5er whose days are laden with blacks, greys and nudes, and in need of an outlet for self-expression, or an escape for the weekend; or maybe you are an entrepreneur who dresses of her own accord, or just a happy go-lucky girl who loves the good life, listen! We feel you… Come, let us share the good life, the fun weekends, the spring and summer breaks, and if possible, every day with you.

You are stunning and we know it! Let us take it a notch further… let’s make you a fab FA girl.

With all my love,